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Cruise ship sailing into orange sunset

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How, why and when to go cruising

Our team are seasoned travellers themselves and love writing about their experiences on cruises and tours. Hear from the Compucruises team to get a personal flavour of the bouyant delights (and realities) of cruising.

Crystal Serenity Cruise Ship
Cruise on board Crystal Cruises’ Serenity or Symphony

The discerning traveller is well-versed in the art of travelling well. Cruising has become an art fo…

Seve Seas Voyager cruise ship at sea
Time to discover the elegant Seven Seas Voyager cruise ship

As the owner and founder of, I am extremely lucky to be invited on board cruise s…

A cruise boat on an icy sea in Antarctica. Photo by henrique setim on Unsplash
What to Expect from an Expedition Cruise

Expedition cruises are a thrilling and adventurous way to explore some of the world’s most rem…

A dark blue cruise boat on a river in Turkey
5 Reasons to Choose a River Cruise

Choosing a river cruise can be an excellent way to explore a destination, and here are five compelli…

Crystal blue waters with shoreline rock and small boat motoring across the water
The Best Time to Cruise the Aegean Coast

Where is the Aegean Sea The Aegean Sea is located in southeastern Europe, primarily between Greece a…

Three ships moored side by side in a Croatian harbour
Cruising Croatia on the Adriatic

The Southern Explorer Cruise with Katarina Lines, Croatia The Southern Explorer Cruise with Katarina…

Flower lined cobblestone street in German village and illuminated belltower
Best Small Towns to Visit on a Rhine River Cruise in Germany

Where to tour on the Rhine A Rhine river cruise in Germany is a fantastic way to explore some of the…

Two women on the beach walking towards the waves carrying surfboards
How To Surf A Wave In One Day

Learning to surf a wave in just one day can be challenging, as it typically takes time and practice …

Crystal blue waters with cruise ship anchored in the bay
Top 5 Best Holiday Cruise Tips

Do you prefer to kick back, relax and enjoy the ocean breeze? Or perhaps city hopping and the opport…

Aerial view of beach with people and umbrella sitting on the sand and blue water lapping the shore
Top 5 Items to Pack for a Cruise

Plain sailing essentials for any cruise holiday When packing for a cruise, it’s important to b…

Brown and white ponies on a snowy landscape with clouds in the sky
The Ultimate Reason to Choose an Excursion Cruise in Iceland

Iceland offers a variety of exciting excursion cruises that allow you to explore its breathtaking la…