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about compucruises

Why choose a cruise with compucruises

Compucruises is the ocean and river bound sister of renowned online South African travel agency Computravel. Boasting highly professional experts with years in the tourism and hospitality industries, this ASATA registered agency can cater to all your cruising and travel requirements. We can book cruises anywhere in the world for clients based in Africa, in particular Southern Africa.

Travel with compucruises and experience the world by ship with confidence, knowing that we are just a phone call or email away to sort out any unexpected hitches you may experience during your travels. We are there to streamline your travel and cruise experience, and when needed hold your hand and guide you in the best way possible.

5 reasons to book with compucruises

  • INDIVIDUAL TRAVEL NEEDS: We look at your individual cruise and travel needs and then provide the best options and prices based on a well rounded solution for your specific requirements and book your cruises, flights, accommodation and transfers as well as advise on the most cost-effective onboard packages.
  • WE KNOW WHAT IS IMPORTANT: Our priority is always to look at cost-efficient cruise and travel experiences based on your requirements. Saving money is not just about low prices, but is also about quality and choice offering the best value for your spend. That is what we do we offer you the best value-for-money travel.
  • WE HAVE TRAVEL EXPERTISE: Our commitment is that our clients enjoy a complete travel experience. Our knowledge of cruise and global leisure travel is one of our best assets. Since 2008 clients have endorsed our travel expertise with their gratitude and repeat bookings. We place huge emphasis on proper training and knowledge to support any journey. Sustained training to develop our expertise is a valuable asset we take seriously which includes of course our own experiences in enjoying cruises and educational tours.
  • ADVICE AND GUIDANCE: We advise our clients about safety/security, health and visa requirements. We make sure we have given our clients all the advice and guidance needed for their cruise and travel experience and the answers to any questions regarding their trip. This includes up to date information regarding our clients’ safety, security, health, weather or any other matter concerning the country you will be visiting.
  • CUSTOMIZED TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: We save you time and money. When travelling with us you save time. Since we live in a time deprived society, we provide a customized cruise travel experience at the right quality and price but we also save you, our valuable client, time and unproductive energy. 
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Best Travel Tips

We have the know-how to help make your cruise holiday unforgettable for the right reasons.

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Weekly Adventures

New packages featured every week from across the globe.

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Travel Advice

Well-travelled experts who care and want you to have the best possible cruise holiday.

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Compucruises is the cruise holiday twin of renowned online travel agency – Computravel.